How to take care of fur


Fur is pressed in the package when it is shipped.

Shake the fur coat in your hands first when you open the package.

Comb it by a brush or a comb.

Hang it up for at least 24 hours.

Fur will become fluffy again. 



Do not use hairsprays or parfumes when wearing the fur coat.

If you are catched by the rain or by the snow shake the fur coat back home and remove as much water as you can.

Fur care involves regular brushing to remove lint and hair, and to rejuvenate the fur’s natural oils.



Fur should be cleaned by professional cleaning once a year.

Fur holds dust, oils and smells.

Professional cleaning adds the gloss again.



Fur clothes, in particular, are items that need extra attention as the weather gets warmer.

Fur clothes do not like warm weather. 

The leather can get dry, hard or cracked.

Keep the fur in a cold place and a dark closet.

The fur clothes should have their own space.

You can use cotton storage bags. 

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